The Glorious Empire

The Glorious Empire has existed since the beginning of time. The dragon created the earth to house his children, and his children created the valley of Peace for their preferred people. A warm temperate climate, lush forests and jungles provide plenty of food and farming opportunities for the People. The ominous Xar Pay Mountain range kept the People safe and unnoticed by the rest of the world. Until the 37th dynasty of the Parxeng reign, when dragon and Empire joined forces to “civilize” the rest of the world. The war raged for hundreds of years, encompassing almost the whole world. The tide was stopped with vile treachery and the destruction of the remaining dragons. The forces from the Old World wanted to grind the Glorious Empire to dust, but with a coalition of kingdoms spearheaded by the newly forged Hyberian government, annihilation was spared and an uneasy truce was installed.

The religions of The Glorious Empire are of two fronts. The first and foremost are the Dragons. The history of the Glorious Empire is intertwined with the history of dragonkind. To the early years of the Empire every dragon was viewed as a God. To this day it is not uncommon to see a Dragon Shrine filled with families. he other form of religion involves the spirit world and the spirits of the ancestors who came before.

The economy of the Glorious Empire is founded on dragons as well, and of course large amounts of gold. Gold coins bearing the likenesses of the former Emperors is the standard coin of the realm. Among the farmer and peasantry, barter and haggling are not uncommon.

The emperor is the head of state and the religion. The current Emperor is Zhu Whan Khe Tsulong, the 4th of his dynasty. The Emperor is the sole body of law and is absolute ruler of the realm.

The south of the country is open and plains, the perfect land for farming. Rice, wheat, and fish being the main source of food.
The south western to the middle region are inhabited by swampland and wetland. Animal, rice, and herbs being the primary source of food.
The north of the country is heavily forested. Game animals, fruits and vegetables are the primary source of food.

The Glorious Empire

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